Patricia Vasconcellos
…started to study Classic Ballet from 3 to 16 years old. At 17 years old, she fell in love with Spanish Dance while watching a presentation of the Company Al Andaluz. She started to study Spanish Dance with the choreographer, Mrs. Suzane Travassos. Later, she studied with the Flamenco teacher Mrs. Izabel Moratti. In 2009, Patricia moved to Brasilia and continued her studies with the famous dancer, Mrs. Patricia Weingrill at Studio de Danca Capricho Espanhol. In 2010, she started studying tap flamenco technique, castanets, and Bata de Cola with choreographer and dancer Mr. Danny Souza. She joined the Claude Debussy Centre of Dance and Arts. In 2017, Patricia moved to London, Ontario, Canada, and in 2019, she opened the FLAMENCO DEL SUR DANCE STUDIO and started to bring the Flamenco culture and flamenco style (instruments, accessories, and tap) to London. Patricia founded the FLAMENCO DEL SUR GROUP composed of her, guitarist Terry May, and ballerinas Larissa Medeiros and Raquel Indiano. The group has been performing in London and surrounding cities at multi-cultural events, fairs, and celebrations of Hispanic culture. 
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Flamenco with Soul, by Karina Maganha

Terry May

…started playing when he was a teenager in the 1960s. His first style was that of popular folk music of that era. Terry also took an interest in many forms of rock and blues music and began to be influenced by those styles as well. He sang lead vocal in a couple of bands and actually recorded a CD with a group of musicians circa 2000. In the summer of 2019, Terry met Carlos Lorenzo and Dario Alejandro Novoa Sanchez who were with their father Dario Novoa, promoting “Event Simple Reflections for Artists”, founded by Dario Novoa. Dario eventually introduced Terry to Patricia, the founder of FLAMENCO DEL SUR GROUP and was looking for a guitar player to play for some of her life dancing performances. Terry offered to begin learning the style of Flamenco guitar, a new chapter for his musical experiences. Once again, music and dance had opened new doors for artistic expression.

Raquel Indiano

…started dancing jazz when she was 9 years old. She learned Aerobic Contemporary Dance at 14 years old. Raquel participated in countless championships always obtaining good classification and awards. At the age of 16, Raquel went on to study martial arts and at the age of 18 Ballet Classico and Danca Flamenca. Diversified and authentic, she has been practicing Yoga and Flamenco Dance for 6 years. In 2019, he moved to London, Ontario, Canada, and met Patricia at the London Dance Festival. He started to practice Flamenco in the FLAMENCO DEL SUR DANCE STUDIO and still in 2019, she joined the FLAMENCO DEL SUR GROUP. She took an extension course in Flamenco Dance in Granada, Spain, in January 2020. Talented and creative, she has been working as a dancer and choreographer in the FLAMENCO DEL SUR GROUP.

Larissa Medeiros

…is the youngest dancer in the FLAMENCO DEL SUR GROUP. Larissa started studying ballet at the age of 2 at Baby Class Ballet at 1, 2, 3 E JA’ SCHOOL, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From a very young age, she began to participate in classical ballet performances. Extremely talented, she began to study Flamenco with the ballet dancer Patricia Weingrill at the age of 6 and performed several performances in theater in Brasilia. She moved to London, Ontario, in 2017, at 10 years old and started studying Danca Flamenca and castanets with Patricia Vasconcellos at Dance Extreme. In 2019, she kept studying at FLAMENCO DEL SUR DANCE STUDIO and she was the first member of GRUPO FLAMENCO DEL SUR to perform at the London Public Library and London Dance Festival. A responsible and disciplined teenager, she has been acting in musical theater and Flamenco Dance.