Patricia Vasconcellos
…began studying Classic Ballet at three years old. She studied at Danca Rio Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, until age 16. At 17 years old, she fell in love with Spanish Dance while watching a presentation of the Company Al Andaluz. She started to study Spanish Dance with the choreographer, Mrs. Suzane Travassos. Later, she joined Espaco Darma, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and studied with the bailaora, Mrs. Izabel Moratti. In 2009, Patricia moved to Brasilia and continued her studies with the famous bailaora, Mrs. Patricia Weingrill at Studio de Danca Capricho Espanhol. In 2010, she joined the advanced group at Capricho Espanhol and started studying tap flamenco technique, castanets and Bata de Cola with choreographer and bailaor Mr. Danny Souza. Patricia participated in shows, events, and workshops by Danca Flamenca. She joined the Claude Debussy Centre of Dance and Arts to practice and teach. In 2016, she participated in a show produced by ballet dancer and choreographer Lorena Guerra in her School of Ballet in Brasilia. In 2017, Patricia moved to London, Ontario, Canada, and taught Flamenco Dance at Dance Extreme Studio.
If you have been thinking about trying flamenco but still feel a bit intimidated, feel free to come by our studio and sit in to watch one of our classes. If you want to try out a class, there are some drop-in classes that you can jump into. Just give us a call and we advise you which one is best for you.
Then, you just have to come to the studio 10 or 15 minutes before for quick registration, get ready in our changing rooms and start right away.
If you are not sure what class to take after looking at our schedule, feel free to call us at (226) 377-6179 or email us at patricia@flamencodelsur.ca.