At 17 years old, started to study Spanish Dance and at 24 years old, graduated in Music, Piano instrument, at the Federal University of the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Patricia concluded extension and specialization in Spanish Dance in Brazil and US, and master’s and Ph.D. in Health Sciences. For 20 years, studied the Flamenco Art, tap flamenco technique, castanets (playing and dancing), and Bata de Cola. For more 6 years, Patricia acts as choreographer and teacher, managing lots of performances and Flamenco projects. Moved to London, Ontario, Canada, where created Flamenco del Sur group to start to bring the Flamenco culture and flamenco style to London. She performed at the London Dance Festival, Events and Festivals at the Community, Western University, and Heart Links. In 2020, participated of an International Flamenco Concert with the Sunfest and has been promoting workshops in London and surroundings for showing the Flamenco Rhythms for musicians, dancers, and Flamenco lovers. Created LOS AIRES FLAMENCO which performed remotely in 2021 and in person in 2022 at London Dance Festival and participated of the Simple Reflections for Artists at the London Museum in 2022 and 2023. Joined the Centre of Movements Arts as a Board Member Director to represent the Flamenco Art in London. Recently she had a vision performing and/or watching the 4 talented and professional musicians, who currently make part of the group, that the LOS AIRES FLAMENCO will bring authentic and original compositions to London and surroundings.
Peter is a native of London, Ontario who began playing the guitar at the age of 10. He was part of the music program throughout high school and played the tenor saxophone. As a beginner guitarist he was enthralled with the influential music and guitarists of the British invasion and pop music from the 60’s and 70’s. He also took an interest in the classics of the baroque and classical compositions of these periods from an appreciative viewpoint and has retained these collections on vinal. He is a believer in appreciating all forms of music. As a result, he acknowledges various influences when creating his own music.
 In the late 1990’s and 2000’s he was a main contributor to two bands from that era “Deep Distance” and “Sacred Fish”. Two of his songs won second place respectively in the FM 96 songwriting competitions. He has been a member of SOCAN since 1998. Some years ago, he was exposed to the Group “Struntz and Farah”, a stunning duo of guitarists that brought a myriad of rhythms from South America, Spain and the Middle East his ears. The natural follow up for him now is his interest in the art of flamenco that he finds truly riveting in players such as Paco De Lucia, Antonio Rey, Vincent Amigo, and many others. He has been very fortunate to have travelled to Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico and had the privilege to be able to play with native musicians in each of these countries many times. He is now part of the flamenco troupe “Los Aires” whose presentations have been very well received. After studying such traditional works of the art form which include Sevillanas, Soleares, and Alegrias he looks forward to presenting such pieces with this amazingly talented ensemble.
Daubian Oliveira is a singer, songwriter, percussionist, and guitarist from Olinda, Brazil. Growing up to carnival music back home his music style is a fusion of Brazilian rhythms, mostly influenced by samba, bossa nova, forró, and frevo. Daubian has been participating of numerous events and concerts promoted by himself and/or partnership with Latin-American musicians in London and surroundings. Daubian plays variety of percussion instruments, and he recently founded a group “Dau and the Best of Brazil”. Full of positive energy, talented, and versatile, he has been producing terrific concerts filling venues with wide variety of audiences sure to experience a high-quality lively repertoire in different Latin American musical styles. “Dau”, as he is known by all, always open to tread new paths, has been deepening his knowledge in Cajon, a Peruvian percussion instrument, applied to Flamenco and joined Los Aires bringing his musical talent in singing and percussion.  
Felix Stueckmann is a Toronto-born musician currently studying at UWO for a Master’s in music performance and research. Extremely disciplined and creative, Felix has a keen ear, extreme sensitivity, and musical perception for the edition of musical repertoires and lyrics, which has been of great value in the group Los Aires Flamenco. Excellent educator, skilled pianist, his focus is on opera. As a bass-baritone, he has earned roles with young artist programs such as Opera Nuova (Aeneas, in Aeneas and Dido) and BOA in Berlin (Pinellino in Gianni Schicchi) and many more. All his skills bring great capacity to Felix improvises and implement passionate interpretation of flamenco songs that engages and delights audiences during performances.
Claire Jones-Fright is a violinist, singer, actor, and dancer. She grew up in London, Ontario in a musical family that gifted her with a profound love for music and performance. At the age of two, she started studying the violin with her mother following the Suzuki Method. She sang in choirs and took dance lessons while she attended an Arts elementary school which ignited her passion for theatre. At the age of 11, Claire had her first professional theatre experience with Drayton Entertainment, portraying the role of Brigitta Von Trapp in The Sound of Music
Currently, Claire Is pursuing her final year in the Music Theatre Performance Program at St. Clair College, where she continues to grow as an artist. Claire has performed as a violin soloist with orchestras, including the London Symphonia and in 2023, sang with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with colleagues from her program. Claire was invited to perform a solo Violin and Voice Recital in São José dos Campos, Brazil, in November 2019, a life-changing experience she will always cherish. Claire’s hard work has been recognized with numerous awards and scholarships at the London Kiwanis Music Festival and the Ontario Provincial Music Festival in violin, voice, and speech arts/drama.
Claire was thrilled to join the emerging Flamenco band “Los Aires” founded by Patricia Medeiros which has introduced her to many new passionate musicians! She is honoured to be a member of the “Simple Reflections” family and is grateful to Patricia Medeiros and Dario Novoa for this opportunity. She looks forward to forging new connections and embracing the artistic endeavors that await!