… began studying Classic Ballet at three years old. She studied at Danca Rio Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, until age 16. At 17 years old, she fell in love to Spanish Dance watching the presentation of the Company Al Andaluz and stated to study Spanish Dance with the coordinator, bailaora and choreograph of these flamenco company, Mrs. Suzane Travassos. Some years later, she joined Espaco Darma, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and became to have classes with the bailaora Mrs. Izabel Moratti. In 2009, Patricia moved to Brasilia, Federal District, and continued the practice of Flamenco Dance in the Studio de Danca Capricho Espanhol, from the famous bailaora Mrs. Patricia Weingrill. In 2010, she joined the advanced group at Capricho Espanhol and started studying tap flamenco technique, castanets and Bata de Cola with choreographer and bailaor Mr. Danny Souza. Participating in shows, events, workshops by Danca Flamenca she joined the Centre of Dance and Arts Claude Debussy to practice and teach. In 2016, she participated at Show produced by ballet dancer and choreographer Lorena Guerra in her School of Ballet in Brasilia, DF. In 2017, Patricia moved to London, Ontario, Canada, and joined Dance Extreme Studio, of Rebecca Brettingham, where currently teaches Danca Flamenca, Castanholas, Flamenco Taps Technique and Bata de Cola, for adults and children. Flamenco in Studio Dance Extreme, offered to Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students, is designed for entertainment, physical and mental health, development of self-esteem and body awareness and development of group awareness. Patricia guarantees that flamenco dance gives to student skills to express feelings, control fine movements and exercises the mind while working the ability to decorate the sequence of body movements! All this happens in a relaxed atmosphere through classes, events, presentations and Workshops. Patricia offers the strong and striking dance to the “Londoners” and invites them to feel involved experiencing the warm flavor of the flamenco rhythm.

To open a Flamenco Studio is a dream coming true…”I hope to share with Londoners my dream to bring the rich flamenco culture, dance and music from the south of Spain with the spicy taste of Brazilian culture, after all, i am from the South America, with great pride!!”